Tin Roof Dinners

a supper club

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Anonymous asked: Hi Erin. How does one know when your dinners are on please? Do you have a guest list or a waiting list ? Thnx. Nicola

Hi Nicola:

Thanks for writing :) I really should set up a mailing list. I plan to have two dinners in March. Keep an eye on the site and i’ll make sure to message you when I announce the dinners. They’ll be the only ones until October 



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Tin Roof Dinners

The Kitchen

October 28, 2012

All photos taken by the lovely and talented Laura Forest, who juggled serving, photography and kitchen mayhem. What a star!

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Tin Roof Dinners : 28 October 2012

The Tin Roof Dinners supper club is an occasional dining event. It’s a pop-up restaurant where food and conversation are the focus. The dinners are hosted by me, Erin Fae, a self-taught cook who loves paring interesting flavors, and taking risks.

The first event will take place on 28 October 2012: 6PM. There are only 20 spots available for the first dinner, which is being held at a location just off Great North Rd. I hope you’ll come along.